Private mortgage financing

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Private health insurance

Is it a long wait for your doctor or hospital?  Or do you have enough of second-class treatments?

How about short waiting times, doctor’s examinations and other advantages?

If you are self-employed, student, civil servant or the annual employment limit, you can take advantage of our private health insurance. With this, you are optimally secured in all areas. In addition, you can also dispense with unpleasant multi-rooms or limited services.

Take advantage of our excellent service and, thanks to our variety of tariffs, you can choose the most suitable for you.

Private health insurance

What is more valuable than your health? Our supplementary health insurance covers the gaps that your statutory health insurance fund has. You can easily choose a dental, hospital or ambulance supplementary insurance for yourself and you can make the best choice from these three components. 

Thus, they are able to close the gap in their health insurance coverage cost-effectively and protect themselves against expensive costs such as new glasses, a simple denture or the medicines that come to you.

Private long-term care insurance

Are you thinking about getting older? There is no reason for this, because we are there for you! Do not forget that you can be in need of care even at a young age. 

The statutory long-term care insurance pays you the basic care when you need care. However, in most cases this is not sufficient to achieve a certain standard of living. 

Persons in need of care who do not have an additional long-term care insurance in time must usually dig deep into their pockets and come into financial hardship. 

In order to prevent a monetary bottleneck, we offer you our long-term care insurance. So you can relieve yourself and your loved ones of the remaining costs.

Private supplementary care insurance

Are you aware of the new care form 2017? New is not only the term „degree“ instead of „stage“ Here are the benefits for all degrees of care from 1 to 5:

  • Level 1:
    little impairment of self-employment
  • Level 2:
    significant impairment of self-employment
  • Level 3:
    severe impairment of self-employment
  • Level 4:
    most severe impairment of self-employment
  • Level 5 : 
    most severe impairment of self-employment with special requirements for nursing care

You can learn more about what this means for you and your individual case in a personal interview or at a telephone appointment. Close your long-term care gap with Signal Iduna’s additional care insurance.